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Revivable Face-Lift

The alcôve of dinette behind me gets repainted

Rachamankha Hotel Chiang Mai

It strikes me as a gay chic with ancient Chinese influence upscale hotel in Northern Thailand, totally


「禮盒」 紀念品天堂

Santa Barbara County, California, USA
Interviewed accounts orally: Don Schumann
Editor: Spencer Shih

(My apologies to all English speakers for posting original published article in Traditional Chinese. Please make good use of your internet translator!)

Unstoppable Korean Trend Force

Heart of Korean Wave, Myung Dong, Seoul, South Korea

"The next shining star in northeast Asia," he insightfully explained to me in the conference room of the main office. I had just flown in from Paris via Frankfurt in time for this meeting in Asia, my brain was still fogged with jet lag and confused time zones and languages