Revivable Face-Lift

The alcôve of dinette behind me gets repainted

The local climate in this Taiwan four-bedroom of mine which is harsh and extreme. The temperature dropped from 84.2 °F (29 °C) to 48.2 °F (9 °C) within a day, and it was not even nearing sunset yet, as of March 2012. High humidity, seldom dips below 70% all year round without the help of dehumidifiers at full blast, with brine from the seawater just hundred yards away

Every so often, this house in needs of my attention in a six-months time is expected, at all times. That said, I constantly was fixing things and repainting whenever I was taking a break between assignments, whenever I got the chance to do layover back in this house.

I stopped doing so longer than a year knowing that I will relocate any time soon. I skipped, got away, at least two rounds of labors of painting and repair, so to speak.

It took me four full months waiting for the whole dining set cargo shipment from Indonesia after purchased it. Including the tablecloth.

I got this Avec Amour picture in 1986. It costed me $260 USD (equivalent) that time. I did not understand why it so expensive. And I still do not right now. But It is my long time favorite and it stays with me all along.

My favorite black and white landscape down the hall way.

Little paintings in the living room. They are four tiny paintings but magically accentuate the entire living room space of 337.6 square feet.

One of a pair of flying frogs from Bali 20 something years back.

Repainting is undergoing in the 218 square feet spacious study too.

I scarcely favor Black and White. Never a landscape B/W picture but this "Canal, Netherlands" by Brutt Winston in 1971. And it is a laser printout picture! The ultimate leading-edge in photography luxury back then. Another expensive acquisition in my early years.

Since my days here on this plot of land are numbered and I am relinquishing this place in a trice why the fuss at this time?

Maybe this beautifying job is my way of a tribute to this on-and-off homebase for the past 18 years.

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