Unstoppable Korean Trend Force

Heart of Korean Wave, Myung Dong, Seoul, South Korea

"The next shining star in northeast Asia," he insightfully explained to me in the conference room of the main office. I had just flown in from Paris via Frankfurt in time for this meeting in Asia, my brain was still fogged with jet lag and confused time zones and languages

Who would pick up the merest hint of today's meteoric rise of South Korea back in 1990s?

The general manager, Mr. Zhen, of one of the most prominent publishers saw it's coming and put South Korea on the map when we were discussing, laying out the upcoming high-end travel oriented book series, total of 100 (books), themed "One hundred destinations you shouldn't miss in a lifetime".

It went without saying, I caught the red-eye flight hitting the road again with yet another long list of the preproduction plans buried deep in my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, a dinosaurian palmtop computer used to store information) after the congregations.

In a time frame of the following months. I would have begun to lay the groundwork for the Seoul and Busan two books while I was off to central Thailand engrossed myself in another immense archaeological and historical book projects, then flying back and forth between UK and America. This country remained an unfamiliar territory to me at that time. And its materials and information were scanty, probably just only in written English. Eventually, I turned to KTO, short for Korea Tourism Organization, headquarters located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, for advice and assistance. It all happened a decade ago.

Thanks to the entire KTO team in Seoul and the Head of Pusan (now spelled Busan) branch in South Korea and Ms. Tan, a Chinese Korean, in Taiwan who had spared no effort in helping me to gain authorized access to many astounding locations during the making of the Seoul/Busan series in 1990s. Not only the book series itself was a smashing success both in the 1990s and in the early 2000s. And, one of my published article about Korean food & dining in a renown newspaper had won me a first place of an international awards in the 2000s into the bargain. Kamsa hamida!

Seoul (SEL) highlights appendix with Hanzi (or less frequently called Hanja in Korean, Chinese characters) 漢城/首爾

Apkujong dong 狹鷗亭洞
Chongdok kung 昌德宮
Cho gye sa 曹溪寺
Chong myo 宗廟
Chong no 鍾路
Chong dong Theater 貞洞劇場
Chang gyong gung 昌慶宮
Yong In Everland 龍仁愛寶樂園
Haegang Ceramic Museum 海剛美術館
Hwang hak dong 黃鶴洞
Ichon 利川
Insa dong 仁寺洞
Itaewon 梨泰院
Kyong bok kung 景福宮
Kyong dong Market 京東市場
Korean Folk Village 韓國民俗村
Korea House 韓國之家
Lotte World 樂天世界
Myung dong 明洞
Namdaemun Market 南大門市場
National Folk Museum 國立民俗博物館
National Museum 國立中央博物館
Namsan Park 南山公園
Olmpic Stadium 奧林匹克運動場
Paehg Nyon do 江華島
Shin chon 新村
Sejong Culture Center 世宗文化中心
Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel 喜萊登飯店
Tongdaemun 東大門
Taehan no 大學路
Tapkol 塔洞
Toksung gung 德壽宮
Walker Hill Casino 華克山莊
War Memorial Hall 戰爭紀念館
Youi do 汝矣島


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