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My first ever acquisition from H&M was right on the Oxford Street in London, U.K., dated back to September, 1999

H&M in Hong Kong once was the first and flagship store in China

AA to Offer Lie-Flat Seats

Just lie down and relax 
La Résidence Hôtel & Spa Hue

Lie-flat seats for first and business class are promised on some transcontinental U.S. flights when American Airlines receives its new narrow-body planes next year

Pipe Down!

Flying No-Kids and Stress-Free

AirAsia X, D7, a long-haul carrier based in Malaysia, plans to become the second airline in the world to ban children from certain sections of the plane

Lodges from a Fairy Tale

Solvang, California, U.S.A. 


Santa Barbara County, California, USA
Interviewed accounts orally: Don Schumann
Editor: Spencer Shih

(My apologies to all English speakers for posting original published article in Traditional Chinese. Please make good use of your internet translator!)

OZ Rolls out "Hotel Suites"

World beneath your Hotel Suite window from now on

Asiana Airlines said Sunday that it has launched a new type of first-class service, OZ First Suite, which is based on the concept of “hotel suites transplanted in an air carrier”

Property Boom Reshaping Philippine Skylines

The Peninsula Hotel off-limit rooftop overlooking the Makati skyline, Manila, Philippines

As a Philippine property boom gathers pace, even Paris Hilton, Donald Trump and high-fashion house Versace are getting a piece of the action

Mayan "Night Sun" Temple Found in Guatemala

Mayan temple located in the deep of the northern Guatemalan forest
Photo by Don Schumann

Archeologists have uncovered a 1,600-year-old Mayan temple dedicated to the "night sun" atop a pyramid tomb in the northern Guatemalan forest near the border with Mexico

Phuket 2004

It was remaining a backpacker's secret when I made my early visits to Koh Phi Phi islands

The readers of TripAdvisors have named Koh Phi Phi Don among the top 20 Best Destinations in 2011's Travelers' Choice Destination awards

US Drought Spreads Northwest

Badlands National Park, Southern California, U.S.A.

Largest area since 1956 affected as drought hits 55% of continental US

Needles Found in Sanwiches on Delta Flights

Delta Airlines is trying to figure out how needles got into turkey sandwiches on four flights from Amsterdam to the U.S.

Glitch Offering US$33 US-HK Flights

Me, me, me!

Fly First Class to Hong Kong for just 4 frequent flier miles, and plus US$33 in taxes

Blunder Costs US$4.4 Billion

The now-biggest-bank in the USA I choose

JPMorgan Chase has lost about 15 percent of its in market value since the loss came to light

TransAsia Ranked Sixth in Performance

One of my previous works of First-Class cuisine shots appealed in international magazines (FR/NL/TW) and in-flight menus for international Airliners

TransAsia Airways, a mid-sized Taiwanese international carrier, said Friday that it has been ranked sixth globally in terms of performance in a 2012 ranking carried out by US-based trade magazine Aviation Week

Behind the Name

The old-style signs of profession outside each store in central Germany

Did you know?

Most Visited Fog City

Picture perfect city of San Francisco, USA

Well known for its liberal lifestyle and community, the City of San Francisco has plenty of aspects to make it one of the most visited fog cities in the world

Harrods to Open Hotels

London, photo by Don Schumann

Have you ever been to Harrods department store in London?