Buddha-Faced Beetle

I wished that I had had a decent camera with a powerful macro lens at hand that time
All photos by Don Schumann using a cell phone

It reminds me of a set of pictures attached in an email subjected as "Buddha-Faced Bug" I had received in January, 2007 all the way from Malaysia

Earlier this year on June 5, I had found a bug stopped on my left shoulder for a long period of time, almost all morning. When I tried to brush it off using my hand and it turned out to stick on my finger instead, again for a long time.

In fact, it is "Catacanthus nigripens". People call it "Man-Faced Bug/African Painted Bug" in English, "人面椿象" in Chinese, "臭腥龜仔" in Taiwanese, or "ジンメンカメムシ (人面カメムシ)" in Japanese.


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