Glitch Offering US$33 US-HK Flights

Me, me, me!

Fly First Class to Hong Kong for just 4 frequent flier miles, and plus US$33 in taxes

On Sunday (7/15/2012), computers at United Airlines erroneously let passengers book flights to Hong Kong – or other places in Asia connecting in Hong Kong – in exchange for 4 miles, plus government taxes. Frequent fliers quickly shared the error on blogs and online chat rooms. Some, such as Ben Schlappig who runs the site One Mile at a Time, advised people not to call the airline, saying, "there's no need to bring further attention to this pricing."

A business class seat for a flight on United to Hong Kong goes for about $8,500 or 120,000 frequent flier miles; first class costs $10,250 or 140,000 miles.


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