Most Visited Fog City

Picture perfect city of San Francisco, USA

Well known for its liberal lifestyle and community, the City of San Francisco has plenty of aspects to make it one of the most visited fog cities in the world

I had been very lucky (or unlucky?) whenever I have visited, there has been no fog! I had even spent most of the wintertime in 1995 and 1996, too. San Francisco had more rainy winter days than Westside (Los Angeles, SoCal), most importantly, with no fog either.

The city seems very walkable. China Town, Financial District, Fishermen's Wharf, Alactraz, Angel Island, Fort Mason and Persidio, just to name a few, all accessable via public transportation or on foot. Bus to Golden Gate Park and outlaying areas. They said, you are better off without a car in order to see a lot more.

However, I like driving just like everybody else in Los Angeles. And I like my Mustang coupe so so very much! As long as I stayed long enough to explore its versatility bit by bit as well. On top of it all, "Its European pace " that's how my Beverly friend Tasha referred it before I set off from Los Angeles.

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Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Cable Cars

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Bay Area

City of Hills

Life in San Francisco

Iconic City in Northern California


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