Phuket 2004

It was remaining a backpacker's secret when I made my early visits to Koh Phi Phi islands

The readers of TripAdvisors have named Koh Phi Phi Don among the top 20 Best Destinations in 2011's Travelers' Choice Destination awards

My last visit to Phuket was in 2004. Yes, a short while before the tsunami hitting hard!

I could not bear to review all of the slides and picture files. I simply archived them right after the location photo shoots, then brushed them aside and buried them deep in my memory never to revisit them.

In 2012, eight years after the incident, I decided to face it and move on instead of avoiding.

Reviving my spirituality and dream of a simpler way of life on tropical islands by a walk through the back corner of my long-lost memory lane.

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Phuket 1/5

Phuket 2/5

Phuket 3/5

Phuket 4/5

Phuket 5/5

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