One of my frequented hotels in the world in recent years

Why am I naming myself as a "旅店浪人" (in Chinese) / "ホテル浪人" (in Japanese) instead of literal translation of "Hotel Trotter" (in English) since 1994?

No question about it, the first wording "旅店" in Chinese and "ホテル" in Japanese both mean "hotel", period

Another of my frequented hotels in the world

The later, taking its name from an old Japanese expression "浪人" meaning, in English, Rōnin literally means "wave man".

The term originated in the Nara and Heian periods, when it referred to a serf who had fled or deserted his master's land. It then came to be used for a samurai who had lost his master. Hence, the term "wave man" illustrating one who is socially adrift.

In modern usage, the term is also applied to describe a salaryman who is "between employers" or a secondary school graduate who has not yet been admitted to university.

One of the Meet-the-Reader open sessions

For my very own example, constantly "between gigs" as a freelancer and/or always moving/switching "between hotels" whenever on assignments worldwide, that is.

Thinking about 4 years back, a Hong Kong guy from the internet had been openly bitingly lampooning me, "Phew, shameless bragging naming himself as of a Hotel Trotter!" he spat, during my new book release campaign targeting greater China, Southeast Asia, and Chinese readers ubiquitous, for no apparent reason. Let me tell you now, folk. With more than 20 years of work, logging total of over a thousand of hotels stayed to date, as of the mid 2009!

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