LA's First Toll Lanes to Open

Westside Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles County’s first toll lane will open Nov. 10 on the 110 Freeway, officials announced Tuesday

The 11-mile toll lane, which was created using existing carpool lanes, runs between the Harbor Gateway Transit Center/182nd Street and Adams Boulevard and aims to provide a faster trip for motorists who are willing to pay a small price.

Tolls will vary between 25 cents and $1.40 per mile, depending on traffic speeds and demand, and solo drivers and carpoolers will need a transponder and FasTrak account if they want to use the lanes.

The transponders have three settings: a) for solo drivers, b) for those with two people in the car, and c) for three or more. Carpoolers will not have to pay the toll, note, but they would still need to have a transponder in the vehicle.


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