Sushi Prices Hike

Fantastic Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身, raw fish) presented by an island resort operated by an Australian team

Food prices jump again but, this time, it is not corn related, I hope!

New York sushi lovers are getting a raw deal. Prices for the Japanese delicacy of fish and vinegary-flavored rice rolls are 33 percent higher

Another sign of rising food prices, this one unrelated to corn costs: The price of sushi in New York City rose so much this year that its raw fish and rice is now more expensive than in Los Angeles.

The price of the Japanese cuisine gained an average of 10% in the Big Apple, according to the Sushinomics Cost-of-Living Index compiled by Bloomberg. The data are based on prices for spicy tuna and California rolls in restaurants in 25 major metropolitan areas.

Nigirizushi (Japanese: 握り寿司, "hand-formed sushi") I bough from a US hypermarket


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