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French-Vietnamese fusion headed to Hanoi

The Vietnamese capital is most budget friendly destination this year

Last year, Hanoi had just received a record breaking of scoring 6 millions of tourists. Let's say, a four-star hotel room for two starting from $84 (USD). In the costliest cities like Buenos Aires, Tokyo, New York and London you will have to pay at least ranging from double to nearly guardruple to get the similar amenities.

With the Vietnamese inbound tourism boom soaringly on the rise, as in a financial boon, the prices definitely will not sustain long. So why not go grab the tail end of the Summer, also the end of the monsoon, and enjoy the best bang for the bucks while you can? 

Due to the long-term Chinese influence on its civilization, in terms of politics, government and Confucian social and moral ethics, Vietnam is considered to be part of the East Asian Cultural Sphere.

More Hanoi Vietnam below,

Day 10: Hanoi Vietnam

Day 15: Hanoi Vietnam

Club de L'Oriental

Premier Lake Front Suites

Vietnamese Feast at Exotic Place

Modern French Colonial Interior

Wine Cellar Dinner

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi (pending)


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