Crazy Math of Air Ticketing Model Might Change

The extremely expensive, full-fare, air ticket I bought directly from the Narita Airport counter

IATA is working on a new model for airline ticket booking while ASTA has questions

LA Times reported, if you book an airline ticket through an online site or go to a travel agent, you get the ticket price and, thanks to recent ASTA (U.S. Department of Transportation) rulings, that price includes taxes and fees. What you don't get — at least, not yet — is a price that includes ancillary fees (baggage, early boarding, seat choices), but consumer advocates are working toward that. But the changes in store for ticket booking may be even greater. Booking could be the all-new Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Or not.

IATA (The International Air Transport Assn.), based in Montreal, is working on what it calls a "new distribution capability" for global distribution systems, which deliver airline ticket prices and schedules, whether you're a consumer using an online engine or a travel agent doing a search for a client. If your eyes glaze over at that sentence, grab some coffee because the results of this change will be anything but dull.

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Changes may be coming to airline ticket booking


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