Transformer Trucks

A bunch of school kids I met in Hai Chau district, Đà Nẵng, central Vietnam

Who says only the Hollywood's high-end tech savvy guys can do the transformers? Here comes, Taiwan is producing it you see in real life every day

Eating Out of a Trash Truck?

Parents were outraged last week to discover that Hsin Hsin Food Box Co, which supplies meals to more than 10,000 students daily, a contractor for Taipei school lunch programs, is using the same truck that delivers meals for students in the morning to transport garbage in the afternoon.

The company delivers lunches to 20 junior-high and seven elementary schools around Taipei, supplying meals to more than 10,000 students.

The company provides the lunch program to one-third of the 60 junior high schools in Taipei, Taiwan. “The trash bags in the truck had liquids and soupy stuff spilling out. It was really disgusting,” A parent, who said he witnessed a Hsin Hsin truck transporting garbage and the next day the same truck delivered meals packed in cartons to schools around Taipei.


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