My Cup

I got this mug from a French chain store back in late 1980's. Long after I found out it was made in Japan, surprise surprise, and it is from Hallmark, too!?
To the side, the steaming cup is from SeaWorld Gold Coast, Australia, with my name on. Also an acquisition dated back to early 1990's by the way  

How much do you drink per year?

The average US worker spends on coffee each year is about $1,092, according to a survey earlier this year of 2012.

Single-Serve Brewing Coffee on the Rise

Some 17 percent of coffee drinkers currently prefer their coffee brewed one cup at a time, with 79 percent of these touting convenience as the reason. Thirty-eight percent of those same respondents also say the single-serve machines consistently produce better-tasting java than traditional coffee makers.

In France, where a demitasse of coffee is revered like a fine Bordeaux—the French drink around 30 percent more coffee each year than we do in the U.S., 395 cups per person—single-serve has overtaken fresh beans and fresh ground coffee in retail sales. "When something is perceived as high quality, Europeans generally will pay more for it," says Debra Mednick, executive director, client development, at market research firm NPD Group. "In the U.S., the machines are catching on primarily because of their ease of use and convenience."

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