Travel Disrupted by Torrents in Northern England

North of England

Bad weather expected to head north as David Cameron promises help to communities in south-west and Midlands

North England

Householders and businesses in the north of England and north Wales have been warned to prepare for flooding as the terrible weather that has caused devastation in the south-west and Midlands continues.

The Met Office was expecting 40mm of rain to fall widely, with up to 70mm in some places – the sort of levels that have been causing severe flooding in Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Forecasters say southern England and the Midlands are not yet off the hook as heavy showers may continue. Flood defences will be tested further as water pours off the hills into streams and rivers. More than 800 homes and business premises have already been flooded.

Towns and villages hit by floods at the weekend included Kempsey, Worcestershire, and Polperro in Cornwall. Other places hit by the floods included Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

It was a miserable weekend for travellers, with flooded tracks and roads making travel difficult on rail and road. In many areas police and travel companies urged people to stay at home if possible.


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