Winter Southwest Region USA


With beautiful, snow-draped scenery

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!
By the bye, during the present time, people go shopping their Black Friday gifts on the "Black Thursday". Were not we calling it Thanksgiving before?


Back in Los Angeles from excursion East. I was simply happy to be back but had an amazing wintertime out of town

Mustang Coupe was my sole companion, our outing to the Southwest Region, USA, encompassing Arizona, Texas and New Mexico for 12 days long.

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News: Ford and SEMA teaming up for custom 2013 Mustang designed and built by women
The actual build will take place in July and August at the SIM Headquarters in El Segundo, CA, with several of SIM’s female employees participating on the build. Modification will be made to all aspects of the car, including the engine, undercarriage, drivetrain, interior, sound system, exterior and paint


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