A Study Course in Fraud

Typical unified invoices in Taiwan on a cell phone picture by Don Schumann

While Taiwan tries to recruit California students to its universities in the USA. On the home front, the allegations of fraudulent invoices submitted by researchers have seen the National Science Council come under fire for failing to enforce procedures

Over 1,000 professors, including many top universities, allegedly forge fake invoices with higher expenses in order to extract extra research funds in Taiwan, for example, NT$100,000,000 dollars (US$3,434,070 dollars) for Laser jet cartridges alone

In an investigation, Taipei prosecutors found that an Academia Sinica researcher and professors at several renowned universities nation wide had claimed reimbursements from the council last year with the use of fake invoices.

Prosecutors charged 22 professors and more than 20 research assistants in March with corruption and forgery.

In response, Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University issued a joint statement on Saturday, saying they were “very distressed and very anxious” about the cases.

They said that they supported the investigation into the alleged illegal practices, but at the same time would like to see an overhaul of the government’s disbursement and accounting system for research funding.

'Stress-free' sex service heats up
March 14, 2013: National Taiwan University (NTU) said yesterday that the school will increase patrols and enforcement after discovering free sex service flyers on campus recently.


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