Self-portrait taken on cell phone, on 7/9/2011

My tenure with the days in Tamsui is phasing out


Tamsui is situated on an estuary in northwest tip of Taiwan. It had once been a harbor town in the old days making it a vast array of diverse buildings with a touch of exotic in appearance. The sparse historic sites remain perching on crags of hills overlooking the marginal fields of town spread out below while boasting Western chic to date.

All Tamsui photos below taken by cell phone

Mark my first day moving in the newly acquired premises in the remote rural areas of Tamsui Township, Taiwan, eighteen full years back on December 8, 1994, as my on-and-off and rarely-in-use homebase in Taiwan

Tenure in Tamsui. Photo taken by former assistant S. Huang using Nikon, on 5/15/2005

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