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Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

French influenced hill retreat town, in Northern Vietnam, of Sapa in Lao Cai Province, with its minority groups, beautiful villas and cherry forests

Iconic French Wine Declines Locally

Colorful treaties from an exclusive tropical island resort 

Juice and soda push wine drinking to record low, In France

A Study Course in Fraud

Typical unified invoices in Taiwan on a cell phone picture by Don Schumann

While Taiwan tries to recruit California students to its universities in the USA. On the home front, the allegations of fraudulent invoices submitted by researchers have seen the National Science Council come under fire for failing to enforce procedures

Hollywood Sign Makeover

(Slide image queued up for digital scan)

The iconic Hollywood sign overlooking Tinseltown is getting its biggest renovation for 35 years, ahead of its 90th birthday next year

Just Checking

Volcán de Agua in Guatemala

A mind once stretched by a new idea will never regain its original dimension

Trend & Dirt Flow

Models: Amanda, Kelly, Sharon, Phoebe, Maggie, Allen, Ivy, Brian, Akane Souma, Mei Mei, Claire, Arlene
All photos by Don Schumann

Global fashion brands selling poisonous and harmful materials under investigation

Elephant Dung Used To Make Coffee

Elephants in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand

In the misty lush hills of northern Thailand, where Thailand meets Laos and Burma, a herd of elephants is excreting some of the world's most expensive coffee


Self-portrait taken on cell phone, on 7/9/2011

My tenure with the days in Tamsui is phasing out


Where Other Half of School Lunch Gone?

For years, this is the best value lunchbox, or dinner-box, I can get in Taiwan local. Its price jumped from NT$45 (US$1.5) to NT$65 (US$2.24) while a part-timer gets paid NT$103 (US$3.55) per hour if you can get one, but we are not going deep on that here today
Cell phone picture by Don Schumann 

Each student asked to pay NT$45 (US$1.5) each day for school lunches while getting only merely NT$23 (US$0.67) worth's meal

Deadly Cheese Quake in Italy

Cheese is always my fave, photo taken at a hotel Cafe in Davao, Mindanao

If you've been hoarding gross cheese cakes, you might want to consider dumping it, ASAP!