DinGuan Buddhist Temple

All photos taken by cell phone, on 3/24/2012

It was the first time I had heard of this Chinese term of DinGuan buddhist temple (定光佛寺) during the first visit to Cebu, Philippines, in January 2006

But I did not know what it means the whole time until I came across and was doing the background research of a well-preserved ancient temple in Tamsui, Taiwan, in March, 2012

According to my findings below,

Built in 1822 with donation of immigrants of a Hakka brother-pair from YongDin prefecture (永定縣), DingZhou (汀州), China, to worship the DinGuan Buddha, also Dipamkara, means the kindler of light.

YinShan Temple (鄞山寺) is located on the mountain slope of the marginal area in TamSui (淡水), Taiwan. The original and unique characteristics of the wood carvings and sculptured porcelains suggesting the craftsmanship from the east Guangdong Province (廣東省), China.

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