Ritidian Point

Stunning white sand beach
Model by Kelly
Hair by Jun Nan
Makeup by Zu Yuan
Style by A Jin & Xenia

A friend handed me a tiny glass bottle with white sands in it as a welcome gift. I soon spotted it without my friend's realization

"I do not know what it is. It is a giveaway and I think you might like it!" he answered.

That was 18 years ago. In 1993, my first assignment to shoot in Guam for the clients of join forces with Continental Airlines and Pacific Islands Club Resorts.

They proudly took me to a top secret beach called Ritidian Point. At that time, this wonderful white sand beach was being operated by a Japanese firm with "Japanese Only" and "Reservation Ahead" polices strictly applied.

Now the beach is already open to public and favorited by a handful of foreigners. But without knowing all the white sands on the beach are star-shaped. None of them, the results I searched on internet!

That is how I recognize where the content in the tiny bottle is from. And Japanese called it Star Sand Beach instead of Ritidian Point!

A Japanese girl on Ritidian Point beach


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