Dog Goes Fishing

I would never imagine this dog trick happening right in front of my eyes

We flew the earliest flight from Busuanga to Manila this morning. As expected, we got stuck in the notorious traffic in a long van ride out of downtown Manila. And took a Banca boat across the lake reaching the foot of the complex volcanic hill. Then, took our horseback riding and trekking up and down the sloping crater rim.

We had an awful lot of ground to cover that particular morning. With sea (a pre-dawn ferry), air (the early bird flight, of course!), and land (many port-to-port van services in between) all kinds of traffics involved in one breath before we finally fended off grogginess from the unpleasant narcoleptic spell, though it had been a norm after years traveling in Philippines for work for me. Basically, we were "on the road" (what an all-inclusive package with air, sea, land and horse ride!) all day long today for getting a closest look of the spectacular crater lakes. 

We were just about to call it a day when we finally boated back I saw this dog dipping into the lake doing fishing! 


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