Make You Own Lard at Home

The stew pot all the way traveled from Europe to Asia, with me. 
All are cell phone photos in this entry

Forewarned is forearmed?

Summoned up a high level of mental preparedness without a mask.

As expected, a hostile smell already lingered my well ventilated spacious kitchen and relentlessly attacked my nostril while I tried to roughly chop it into an-inch cubes.

Huh, it usually never failed to make me flee in terror just by looking at it. You know what? It is not only a Chinese delicacy and also served in a chunky thick fillet size as the "blanched pork".

As I live and "breathe"! Luckily, the unpleasant strong smell finally not all dispelled but mostly receded instead of lasting the entire hour-long rendering. Wrinkled nose no more at this stage.?

How come it looked so orangish-red? To the best of my recollection it should have curdled up thick and creamy very pale beige fatty substance after put aside for some time. Instead of looking like this terra cotta color.?

Its apricot tint had finally faded but still looked exactly eggnog color than one of my memories is of off-white viscous cream, the following morning.


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