Fled Down South Taiwan

During my academic years, even though I had quietly and purposefully fled home choosing the least-wanted and farthest school in southern Taiwan, also to avoid drawing more unnecessary battle lines

In my dealings with those "close" to me, suffocating me after I had been left behind and being adopted and getting stranded in Taiwan, since age of 6, after a family* war, I was constantly torn between strict values and a vital need for freedom

Naturally I had received more insults and condemns from my stepfamily, they all jumped at the great fueler alongside other minuscule titbits could turn violence at "their" home, including my bloodthirsty half-brother who is a decade younger than I am, that I was enrolled in the "worst" university, then college.

I had spent my nightshift full-time working live, (occasionally I would sit in for someone I knew to serve at a wine bar till dawn whenever I had got "night" off from my regular job,) while remained and kept up my day schooling intact and never skipped class with all my favorites: English, Chinese and Japanese full marks most of the time (back since high school years), sending money to the extremely controling and abusive mainlander(-Chinese)-islander(-Taiwanese)-pair stepfamily back home in Taipei city to pacify their endless greediness, yet I was unable to afford to pay for even my daily meals after my own tuition and rents. I had had to live on one glass of soybean milk and two slices of white bread by day everyday, without jam (of course, not to mention luxury butter spread). At times, only had cubic sugar to lick to tide over the whole day between jobs.

* Note: my buffled blood (long dead) father and the entire family decided to head back to Los Angeles in California, U.S.A. 

My despicable half-brother recently suing me over failing to provide support for family, in May 2013. His latest acts, then again, and guaranteed will not be the last ones, bring me a chance to start giving the past and unsaid words a voice!

Along with my Stockholm syndrome's sister keeps my back door wide open (without my knowing until wintertime 2010), he and his family are out to haunt me again, trying to fry the fat out of me, whenever they catch wind of my being in Taiwan. It all prompts me to face the hurts feelings of another open wound on top of the old scar tissue and keeps on reminding me those wounds will never heal, every once in a while, way since they had already agreed upon taking half of my expensive downtown apartment-sale money and cutting the ties in 1994.

I do not know what lies ahead for me next, ever since I had crossed paths with this evil spirited stepfamily, but I must keep moving even I am pretty sure that this journey is a solitary one.


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