Opening Yet Another Can of Worms

A pair of unbroken dogs, I babysat, would not get off my couch

Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent,
or in English, if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas

Madness closes in on me like a shroud and weirdness thrusts upon me in sheets, as soon as I had chosen to move to this remote hilly seaside township of Taipei County (now New Taipei City)--Tamsui from Taipei, one of its main purposes was meant at first to serve as a homebase for stopover in Taiwan, also to be near to my sister's frail family (I was framed and trapped again), back in October 1994

They, Mr. Chen and his gang, know my daily routines so well and keep coming into my Tamsui house still moving things and messing around, and even challengingly left the "calling card" just like you read in the papers each visit, behind me as of this writing in June 2013.

Despite there is nothing left worth stealing but each single tidbit all is essential to me, considering my minimal lifestyle I am having at this point. Busters.

One of my former assistants, surnamed Tsai from north of Taiwan--Keelung, whom I deployed this then struggled*-and-out-of-work TV personality (among others in the same boat) through his agent's inquiries from Taiwan to work with on a couple of business trips to Philippines around 2006, I had actually not met for years suddenly got in touch with me (trying to sell me some life insurance policies) to know that I was considering putting Tamsui house on the market, so I could have returned the meager bank loans in a one-shot fashion and had lot of cash at my disposal, around the middle of October in 2010.

He, Tsai, eagerly talked and got me into handing the house to his father-in-law-to-be estate broker, Mr. Chen, a midge guy (I met one and a half months later) with a 100% aboriginal genetic makeup from Hualieng in eastern Taiwan now Sanchong-based in New Taipei City, "... he is very good at it for over 20 years. And, he always gets you the best prices!" the ex-assistant and his something-is-off-looked and egg-shaped-expressionless-faced (thus, elusive chin and jawline) girlfriend, surname Chen, (I first met, back then) promised in unison.

Later, Tsai and his girlfriend Chen kept bring more salivating scavengers along, such as home mover, foreign bank staff, and a horde of malicious "charity workers" from a high-profile religious group... etc, introducing me yet another ever-expanding troubles, over my already dampened and kept declining life. Also making things up and going around telling people I had borrowed heavily from underground banks and planted marijuana at this remote big home..., "no need to deny it, Mr Chen and all his friends were in and out of jails at times, and they all know about drugs!" Tsai deviously said to me at one point in my place October 2011.

*Oh yes, plainly struggled, underdogs, instead of shredded smartness nor merely talented. Same as all of my ill-willed former students/assistants I had hired from this island nation.


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