Wolves Busted in My House

Their manner subtly was the awkwardness of trespassers caught in the act as I opened the front door right before they tried to let themselves in using the key to my house, my own house, my last frontier in (Tamsui,) Taiwan

That was totally absurd!
"We will never ever BOTHER to come here again!" Mr. Chen said darkly, dropping the unexpected bomb when they were just about leaving in the previous visit."
Such a great news," I said to myself! Maybe they finally sensed their too frequent (if I got and answered his phone calls asking me to expect their visit, then undoubtedly) stood me up and unannounced visits, ever since I had moved back in Tamsui house from Xin Beitou, Taipei, on May 6 in 2011, were beyond annoying. Stupid me, I was deadly so so to wrong

They stopped cold at once with words hung and frozen smiles to themselves at my door. That was my first time catching them in the act after their several break-ins. The wife, islander surnamed Lee from southernmost Taiwan--Pingdong with small and flat features, almost painting-like, on her perfect-egg-shaped expressionless face, childishly stuck her tongue out then ducked her head. Meanwhile her husband, the fraudulent (my former and obviously seedy) estate broker Chen, quickly turned backward and went to open the back door to his van feigned busying for nothing for long minutes. Then turned to face me head-on when he figured out a strategic line. "Are you sleeping?" Why didn't you answered the phone?" he angrily barked out loud. That was early Fall in 2011.

After that, they kept coming back, no more secretly, helping themselves in the house, oftentimes, even invited strangers of their friends and/or relatives, and taking remaining things (after they had occupied and looted my house without actually selling it, between November 2010 and May 2011), with the kinds of attitudes of since-you-had-busted-us-and-you-should-know-it and what-can-you-do-about-it.


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