Déjà Vu

Boasting one of the world's largest privately-owned lagoon, it also offers colonial-style rooms on landscaped grounds

Not again, I said to myself. Almost an hour's aimlessly wait at the lobby at this colonial hotel which is norm around this country. I had been hanging around for years but I still find myself having a hard time to deal with "Philippine time". By the way, I had been stood up by another imposing hotel's PR person once, also in this exact city.

I was trying hard to tame my temper and tolerance under my poker face when touring finally began after an endless long wait. Before long the familiar scene it stopped me cold right on the spot. I could not believe it that I had happened to read a popular American travel magazine featured this particular hotel a while back before taking off for this assignment. Its name was in my schedule, as a side trip, so it did not register a strong impression on me. Until this hotel's signature images, I had seen in the magazine, unfolded right in front of my very eyes!

More for pictures of this hotel below,

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa


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