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German Farms in Egg Fraud

Following the horsemeat, it's the eggs

Meatball Derby in IKEA

Swedish furniture giant Ikea became entangled in Europe’s widening meat scandal Monday, forced to withdraw meatballs from stores across Europe amid suspicions that they contained horse meat

DinGuan Buddhist Temple

All photos taken by cell phone, on 3/24/2012

It was the first time I had heard of this Chinese term of DinGuan buddhist temple (定光佛寺) during the first visit to Cebu, Philippines, in January 2006

Ritidian Point

Stunning white sand beach
Model by Kelly
Hair by Jun Nan
Makeup by Zu Yuan
Style by A Jin & Xenia

A friend handed me a tiny glass bottle with white sands in it as a welcome gift. I soon spotted it without my friend's realization

Intramuros Manila


6 Spanish Tourists Raped near Acapulco

The latest crime report will only make it harder for Mexico to shrug off the incidents of crime in tourist towns as isolated and rare

A Mug's Game

I always find it so mirthful to this day (in this post all are cell phone pictures)

How to Get Along at the Office

Is it sagacious or outright foolish??