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Point of No Return

Butt Off! Leaving all of the mayhem behind

The Aurora around has been on the verge of changing significantly. Weak and phony friendships will naturally fade into the winter air, and I should let them

Out of Cocoon

Second chance?

Death to a caterpillar is also the birth of a butterfly

Wheel No More

Our luggage finally landed, after long delay, on El Nido the only small privately owned (by the owners of the exclusive offshore resorts) airport with daily flights to and from Manila in small planes operated by ITI (similarly owned)

Venice (city in Italy, not SoCal) may seek to ban rolling luggage

Hard Landing and Bouncing

Don flies C-Class on a VN flight, Hanoi
One of another near miss incidents on air in recent year he had -- 
Gosh! Lightning Strikes My Aircraft

Just as this giant air jetliner finally descending for coming in to land on at MLE, I felt immensely alleviating, around 4:45 am, local time. The cabin crew were ready for final touch down. The tension mounted without warning as I glanced out the windows. The shocking window views were nothing but murky rolling sea waves. The sight made me want to make a helpless silence outcry instantly. We were approaching either slanted too much or simply too low!

Bedouin Coffee in Deserts

Don is all excited and bushed after probably a really good amount of time on safari!
All my limbs feel heavy. And sand storm picking up after sunset making my eyes have difficulty to open up for the photo op, at the request of, nicked named Lone Wolf, a famous veteran journalist who is accompanying our airlines VIP FAM tour

“One cup of coffee for the guest, one for enjoyment and one for the sword” is an old Arabic proverb and one integral to Bedouin culture

My Beat

Edinburgh new town basking in Fall sunset

This is a great moment to recognize and celebrate my own uniqueness

Young Professionals Program

Don against the (sunsetting) light in one of Palawan remote islands

YPP - UN Careers

The United Nations is looking for highly qualified candidates who are ready to launch a professional career as an international civil servant

Les Misérables, tant pis!

Cell phone picture done by my shaky hands

I am a dormant high-end commercial/fashion/glamor photographer, school teacher/instructor, syndicated journalist/columns/books author, occasionally makeup artist, ..., you just name it, for 27 years now

(A Postcard in) All Seasons

A postcard, I did not expect, from a remote memory

I didn't get a chance to have a real family,
I didn't get a chance to make close friends.

Dyslexia and I

?iom nodraP  Pardon moi?
¿ıoɯ uopɹɐd Ԁɐɹpou ɯoı¿
Cell phone self-portrait by Don Schumann

Noun. (neurology) A learning, reading disability in which a person finds it difficult to read and write

Confessions of the Week

You see the light?
Cell phone portrait in Tien Mu, Taiwan, by Don Schumann

I imagine sharing the apostle Paul's view that being in heaven was his heart’s desire, but staying where he was needed was God’s present purpose


Rote Spitzen of Augustine monastery

Bihaltan (Behold), I was a Barbarossa in the Barbarossa city!

Earthquake Risks in California

One of the earthquake-prone cities built near fault lines in California--San Francisco, USA

Marina del Rey and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, that are particularly vulnerable to flooding because of their low elevation and lack of protection from waves

Facts about Sausages

It is reading, Cantonese preserved pork sausage,
a fancy gift made by a local 5-star hotel, cell phone picture

This original post was written and lain pending for years due to pictures of Chinese sausages were unattainable. Until last month Minister' wife handed me this, please refer to the picture on the top of the post, Cantonese preserved pork sausage over a gathering

Chinese New Year's Couplets

All are cell phone pictures in this post

Lunar New Year’s couplets written in golden ink may harm your health!

Out of a Clear Blue Sky

Das Schloss in Steinau an der Straße

Deutsche Lufthansa Airlines had approached me and voluntarily sponsored me 35,000 US Dollars (equivalent to 62,615 Deutsche Marks in 1998) worth of free air tickets annually, for three consecutive years since 1998!