Out of a Clear Blue Sky

Das Schloss in Steinau an der Straße

Deutsche Lufthansa Airlines had approached me and voluntarily sponsored me 35,000 US Dollars (equivalent to 62,615 Deutsche Marks in 1998) worth of free air tickets annually, for three consecutive years since 1998!

Probably they had spotted my intensive articles about Germany had been published in some geographic and travel magazines/newspapers in some countries, I thought to myself. I still am amazed and having no idea how that happened at present time.

My skeptical mindset naturally kicked in and made me to ask them straightforward questions, like, "Am I supposed to do what articles related to your aviation business for the following three years on?" "Should I put Installation (advertising for LH) in my articles?" "How many (scenic) locations in Germany should I go to each year, where?"

Guess what? The answers were "no," "no" and "no (obligations at all)!" A word to the wise - no strings attached.

All I had to do was just sit tight and enjoy those free rides anywhere, any nation I wanted to, except that I must be doing either stopovers or layovers in their hub FRA, Frankfurt Airport (German: Flughafen Frankfurt am Main or Rhein-Main-Flughafen), most of the flights.

Thus, Frankfurt am Main became my most frequent airport, LHR (London Heathrow Airport) tagged along, and of course, most of the air travel I had flown with Lufthansa or its alliances in Europe between 1998 and 2001. On account of LH, I later had summited lots of articles, also released quite a handful of best selling travel guides to Europe countries, while I was busy doing commercial photography, in and out of USA, the following three years.

I have just got to get it off my chest after all these years. And it feels so good.
It is 2014 now, happy new year everyone and belated thank you, Lufthansa!


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