Earthquake Risks in California

One of the earthquake-prone cities built near fault lines in California--San Francisco, USA

Marina del Rey and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, that are particularly vulnerable to flooding because of their low elevation and lack of protection from waves

18th century earthquakes damaged many buildings in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

California officials announced that they were beginning to draw tsunami flood maps in Huntington Beach, Crescent City and other cities that could be used to restrict development of new buildings in areas along the coast that may be destroyed during a large tsunami.

Recent Earthquakes in CA/NV (

State officials have completed studies in five areas -- San Diego, the ports in L.A. and Long Beach, Ventura, Santa Cruz and Crescent City – and plan to make these playbooks available online and complete the rest of the 130 maps by the end of the year.

California maps will point to tsunami danger zones


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