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Bihaltan (Behold), I was a Barbarossa in the Barbarossa city!

Whenever I stay back in Los Angeles for some time, let's say for a week on or within. Aside from 10+ pounds (5+ kgs) of lean muscle's gains. My hair color turns more hazel than stark black, my eyes become brown instead of jet black. And most interestingly, my beard will be flaming red like paprika with shiny gold glitch patched in lieu of salt and pepper. My hidden genes naturally surface, from behind the curtain, and take over my dominant genes provided with, let it be, right diet, water, climate and environment, and so forth the Californian Sun.

It all incessantly dazes and amuses all my friends every time. The darker my eyes, hair and beard becoming the feebler I am to be, namely (whenever) in all around Asia and some Europe countries.

Until mid-late 1990's on my very first visit to Germany I came across a medieval tiny city called Gelnhausen also dubbed "Barbarossa city" (German: Barbarossastadt) which is a nickname for five German cities that the Staufer Emperor Frederick Barbarossa stayed in or near for some time.

Barbarossa Don in California, US
he is a scruffy guy since sixth grade

That unremittingly brings a smile in my mind. For the record, Barbarossa, a name meaning red beard in Italian, and guess what - Barbarosa in Spanish is for "Red-Beard" as well.

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,
The "Barbarossa city" of Gelnhausen is a city in Main-Kinzig County in the eastern part of Hesse. It was founded in 1170 by Barbarossa in this convenient location because the merchant highway Via Regia from Frankfurt to Leipzig intersected here with several other roads. Frederick I founded the city by combining three existing villages into the imperial free city of Gelnhausen. Imperial trading privileges such as duty-free zones lead to a rapid aggregation of traders and merchants. The fact that Gelnhausen was simultaneously awarded the Stapelrecht (Latin: Jus emporii), requiring passing merchants to offer their goods in town for a certain amount of time, also helped in making it a successful trading town. Only ten years after it was born the city hosted an important Reichstag where Henry the Lion was tried in absentia and all his lands were redistributed. The Kaiserpfalz in Gelnhausen is the best maintained Staufer country palace still in existence.


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