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You see the light?
Cell phone portrait in Tien Mu, Taiwan, by Don Schumann

I imagine sharing the apostle Paul's view that being in heaven was his heart’s desire, but staying where he was needed was God’s present purpose

I am more than grateful that minister Wang have entrusted his Cell Group (my daycare center) with the tasks of Sunday daycare for me. A place allowing me to restore, to grow and improve each day with loving care

My Testimonies, sorry, My Confessions of the Week,

I had never thought that I could be able to sing again whole my life. And I had been so afraid to talk to acquaintances and strangers, and to public. Ironically, even I had once been singing, acting, teaching, giving speeches, hanging out at celebrity-and-fashion parties, working internationally and endlessly meeting with big potatoes half of my life.

But, you know what? I had once to sing in 2 utterly different groups, a) first one was doing love song ballad duet with an orchestra band, b) another was as a lead rock singer collaborated exclusively with a big famous (warhorse) rock band, at the same time in my college years without receiving any skill trainings ahead and never had actually sung before. Until I had totally lost my singing voice, my voice had gone hoarse all time then thoroughly muted for one year around 1983.

I had never sung ever since, whereas I had eagerly wanted to.

Later, due to the fact that I had to do a trifle of Italian operas, because I could easily sing from (male) Bass to (female) Soprano high notes, while I was inadvertently leading the cast of a Tony-Awarded (the highest honor for) theatrical play, jointly produced by U.S. and UK co-forces, around 1989 and 1990. Then again, my voice cord was totally damaged afterward.

Once bitten twice shy. I would have to keep my mouth tightly shut forever, I said to myself. 

I first heard of this song, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), was last October. It had been one of my most difficult years in 2013. This song was brewing in my mind until minister and his wife took me to attend a Christmas event held at the TICC hall. I heard this song again and I really liked it.

At that time I could not even sing the traditional version of Amazing Grace, either. Which the very kind Tandy had also brought it to our gathering (English version sheet music for me particularly, I bet) one month after.

Hence, I decided to learn this song which was very difficult for me altogether. For the original version is a twist-and-turn Scottish sad folk song and the new version is an American contemporary Christian music combined. I was so unfamiliar with them both.

Every time I cried so so too hard to finish practicing this song during the practices for months. Given the complexity of my staggering health. That is why it took such a long time for me to harness the skills of singing this song, my style. I couldn't believe I would have achieved the insurmountable tasks of being able to sing out loud again. I shall say I finally had broken the chains bit by bit, anyway. So is the ballad opera version of "Come What May", too!


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