Wheel No More

Our luggage finally landed, after long delay, on El Nido the only small privately owned (by the owners of the exclusive offshore resorts) airport with daily flights to and from Manila in small planes operated by ITI (similarly owned)

Venice (city in Italy, not SoCal) may seek to ban rolling luggage

A new law, floating through many local media in Italy, might restrict all hard-wheeled luggage in an attempt to reduce noise pollution in Venice is under consideration by the city authorities

It says will be becoming effective from May 2015, would ban trolley trunks with plastic or solid rubber wheels, the noisier kind (and the majority sold around the world), and would only allow those equipped with air-filled pneumatic casters. These restrictions would also apply to local businesses using trolleys to carry goods; they would not apply to residents. Fines would range from 100 to 500 euros (up to $600 USD).

Later, Venice officials on last Friday (November 21) strongly denied reports they intend to ban trolley suitcases from the lagoon city, saying only commercial carts will be forbidden lest they damage the ancient cobbles.

Google: Venezia, stop ai trolley ai turisti


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