Out of Cocoon

Second chance?

Death to a caterpillar is also the birth of a butterfly

There is a lot of erosion involved in evolution in all aspects of my life. The wearing away of layers, just like a tearful onion peeling process, is what weeds out a clear path for a person's true enthusiasm to surface

I hope my rough callous is softened enough to allow my passion, my eagerness deep down to reveal, then shine through. My good nature is long formed only to wait for my true purpose/calling in life reveals itself

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
A one-month incentive bonus for my very own birthday trip in 1998

At the moment, though, I am still groaning and lamenting an experience I have been going through, or the loss of everything that was once important to me. A leap of faith is never my style and I knew it so well that my self-restraint is legendary. But my gut feeling tells me to hit the accelerator and promises it is right there after withstanding this ordeal and dilemma.

Nevertheless, don't succumb to doubt; tackle any and all obstacles head on. Your optimism will be rewarded as long as you also keep your shoulder to the wheel and never lose sight of your grandiose schemes (with exotic places, even better).

Source @YouTube: Return of the Cicadas


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