Point of No Return

Butt Off! Leaving all of the mayhem behind

The Aurora around has been on the verge of changing significantly. Weak and phony friendships will naturally fade into the winter air, and I should let them

I totally need the time and energy they had been taking up out of my very own daily life. Friendships and other relations with true potential will become more central in the days to come. This is the time to merge, incorporate or otherwise join forces. Feeling a little lost? That is inevitable. Don't let it be my "stumble block" from moving on something duly valuable.

I might have to cooperate with others, even if they do not possess the same level of clarity and sanity that I do. Although I intuitively know what's right, it is still challenging to explain my decisions of choices to anyone else. Why need to waste my scarce time and energy trying to justify my behavior now? Just go ahead and do whatever is necessary.

I can always reason my logic after the fact if I am so compelled to the right persons.

The new ways of my lifestyle I had adapted last year in terms of restructuring my values, from floccinaucinihilipilification, around both my social life and long-term goals continues to solidify as I have deepen my genuine commitment level. I truly appreciate the time it takes to make something solid, and I believe I am starting to see some true beauty at this time of year. Also starting to realize how important business partners, friends and colleagues are in supporting my life goals and keeping my emotionally balanced. I will never take any of these precious allies for granted for even a blink.

Social life and domestic issues are another main lessons in 2014. I will happily be letting go of clustered ancient callous patterns. This is a time to shed any ongoing relationship baggage. As I can not take it anymore, Don. It is also the perfect season to get rid of dodging bullets in favor of greater peace of mind. It's just not worth battling with undesirable interactions over the same issues year after year. Hopefully I will be able to put my foot down, refusing to participate in any more schizophrenic drama. This doesn't make me a cold person, I have to try hard not to let the typical Capricorn guilt creep up once I free from the ridiculous hypocritical chains.


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