Let Light Shine out Darkness

Don is out there in the vast nothingness of sand dunes again!

For now, finding my way out and getting the peace (cliché, please eat a croissant for me!) I deserve back, also to leave everything behind, quietly, is the only thing matters

This is the second "prevailing Corinthianish church" I have been in Taiwan. My first two and only experiences that I have encountered... Not only the congregations, also the clergy themselves, just in this particular chapel-like tiny place self-proclaimed a charitable organization in a small township alone, which involved namely fame, melee, character assassination, powerplay, juggernaught, corruption, sweatshop practices; let it be toward paid or volunteered workers, litigiousness, abduction/reselling (of donated items), discrimination against disadvantage and poverty, adultery (up to sextet)/sexual promiscuity (age groups incorporated ranging from the 5th grader all the way to the 60's), hypocrisy, alcoholism, incest, hooligan bullies, blackmail, drug abuse, armamentarium,... all sort of sinful, earthly things on a daily basis for long!

"People are apt to be quite emotional when it comes to the image they wish to project. I have to tiptoe walking on the glass and always watch where I step but still inevitably keep on stepping on landmines for the past six full months. It's my job to see through the trendy makeup and fashion that hide the true personalities of the people who insist on wearing these masks. The key is to not be fooled by those who hide behind a façade built by society."

The déjà vu of my previous "Corinthians" encounters below,

Point of No Return


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