Keep Walking / 歩き続ける

綾の彩 (Aya no Aya) / Aya's Nature

Keep your ears peeled and your feet tapping along!



I had come up this idea of producing an upbeat song (to dance to "with" the traditional Japanese Koto music) as the second waves of promotional release during our first ever single music's recording sessions. Then I would have to fish out specifically prototype from thousands of my EDM collections to edify Aya who is from a traditional Asian music background.

This (non-salable demo) song can be broken down into three segments: her inevitable encounter with Japanese Koto veering her off Chinese ethnomusicology courses in Taiwan, and pursued her passion in Tokyo, then back to Taiwan as a musician. All and all, it is not just about Aya's ongoing Japanese Koto music pilgrimages. The music itself also reflects her deeper characteristics, most unknown to herself, in my eyes.


綾の彩 (Aya no Aya) / Aya's Nature

Music by Aya Weng
Koto & MIDI: Aya Weng
Programmer: Chen Yen Tse
Recordist: Chen Yen Tse
Producer: Don Schumann


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